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We All Shot Pudsey Bear Press Release

Following requests from members of We All Shot Pudsey Bear attending Burn Pudsey Friday on Friday 16th November outside a BBC studio near you. Shooters and burners (Non Violent Activists) amongst us,opposed to the charity model of disability,  are invited to visit the brand new We All Shot Pudsey Bear Blog.
Here you will find a framework for an action - a new style action with no leaders.

Likeminded activists are simply required to take responsibility for their own involvement in any action in any part of the country they wish to initiate themselves.

The key is to talk to people and to get them involved.

The new blog does not prescribe any particular style of action but does make suggestions.

It provides materials and points to others. These are not exhaustive. You can make your own suggestions.

Activists taking part are invited to have their say, record their activities and contribute theirown materials to the We All Shot Pudsey Bear facebook group or blog.

Posted by Rich Downes, 30 October 2012

Last modified by Rich Downes, 31 October 2012

Raising A Glass To The Next 50 Years of Jimmying

On October 13th 2012 I read that Penny Pepper was appearing at StorySLAM:Live on the
south bank. It's theme "your five-minute story around the theme of '50', as WE celebrate the 50th Koestler Trust Award anniversary". I imagined myself a slammer and this came out.

50 years of jimmy in the kids home
50 years more in special school
50 years again detained at her majesties pleasure
50 years pleasuring the unpleasant
A further 50 adding to all the 50's in all the world
Until old, battered and beaten with the old folks

Stoke Mandeville
Leeds General
Haute De La Gareene
Duncroft Approved School
The names of places change

Disabled People
Sick People
Vulnerable young adults
People with mental health issues
The range of people change

What stays the same over time
50 years of Jimmy
500 years of  Jimmies
5000 more
Abuse remains the same
Removal of rights remains the same
Indignities barely imagined, the same
The same
The same
The Shame

Whose shame?
The perpetuators?
The safe guarders?
The police
The moral guardians?
All these named

Whilst we suvivors
Hang our heads
Self harm
through our shame
our hate
and disgust
at all those who did it
they who failed
who cried with crocodiles
too late
too bad
too harmful
too shamed

And yet we look outside
Inside on our tv screens
Listening to the radio
Reading papers and magazines
we know it happens
we wait for it to happen again
and stand idly by
leaving the institutions open
ineffective inspections
weak regulation
uncaring, not that greatly bothered
by all the old
all the young

its not me
not my problem
read about it
talk about it
say wasn't he awful
that jimmy
this jimmy
those jimmies
its them
not me
not us

Posted by Rich Downes, 13 October 2012

Last modified by Colin Hambrook, 15 November 2012

Touched by the hand of Jimmy Savile

 A response from a member of the We All Shot Pudsey Bear facebook group invited to the Burn Pudsey Friday event suggested that we should target the beeb for direct action.

This has been done before and it is not the first call that i've heard for the same. I've never felt able to lead in this way but i've been thinking about things and I am wondering what the interest and commitment would be like.

My first thought was maybe we could add that sad olympic mascot Mandeville to the burning pyres. From this I wondered if we are missing a trick given the Savile outcry.

Some things seem clear to me:

  • Disabled Activists correctly promote the social model
  • In doing so we sometimes criticise the tragedy model

We make a link between having no equality and the involvement of charities of disabled people in preserving the status quo, presuming to speak for us when we can speak for ourselves, and the investment that is made in them at the expense of under funded Disabled People's Organisations (DPO's).

So it is that a part of our modern movement was made at telefon when we opposed the media and successfully closed it down.

In addition to this we are told that Jimmy Savile was saintly for raising funds for charities. We are hearing that he used his links with charity, the media and care institutions including Stoke Mandeville to perpetuate gross indecencies on our people and others. We hear that institutions were even complicit in this and provided rooms and accommodation where these venal acts were carried out. We are hearing of people in the employ of some institutions, particularly the beeb who knew or suspected that this was going on and they did nothing as this was just the way things were; the dominant culture that prevailed.

We know that abuse is fairly common in institutions regardless of the level of that abuse
We know that abusers actively target good works in the community as a means of reaching their targets and we may not be surprised to one day find out that this includes celebrities who embarrass themselves on the night of Burn Pudsey Friday which coincides with the Children In Need telefon.

We also know that the current economic climate is penalising disabled people. We feel that we are being driven back into the arms of the same charities that have let us down throughout our history. We know that the rights to independence that we fought so hard to achieve through our Free Our People and Civil Rights campaigns are retroactive and some local authorities are proposing institutionalised care as a solution. We instinctively believe it is only a matter of time before the next big abuse scandal hits.

So what do we do about it? Do we call for direct action? Are we capable of making the links between charities, institutionalised care and abusers? Should we still be speaking up for the social model, independent living and against cuts to services?

Should we pressurise celebs who are appearing not to do so until the beeb cleans up its act?
If so who can we rely on to man the barricades? Who is up for it and how are you going to organise?
Replies to this blog would be much appreciated
Given the presumed importance of this blog I have reprinted in my own blog to aid circulation

Posted by Rich Downes, 12 October 2012

Last modified by Colin Hambrook, 12 October 2012