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Tough Summer

Image - lucas_marsh_final_lo_res.jpg
Tough Summer It has been a very tough summer, with my condition flaring up more frequently, and staying for longer than usual. Hence I haven’t posted a blog for some time and I haven’t been working creatively either. This I have found comes at a cost; when I am ill, is when I need my creativity most. It has a very therapeutic effect as well as giving me a reason to get out and move around. Without it, depression starts to get a foothold and everything becomes harder, both for me and my family. I am at the stage where I know I need to do something about it, hopefully in time, because ignoring it causes it to become all-encompassing and even harder to escape. So I am back at my desk, looking through sketchbooks, old photos and my reference books to see if I can jump start the creative process once again. I did manage to produce one piece of finished work this year, a painting for the Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trusts exhibition at the Guild Hall Leicester, it even got a show on the BBC local news, which is always a boost. The painting, shown here, is called “The last walk of winter”, Lucas Marsh. 2016 mixed media on canvas 100cm x 80cm As usual, I use the landscape to explore my emotions, and as the title suggests, it was on the last day of winter, with me being optimistic about a change in not only the weather, but in my mood and mobility. Unfortunately winter dragged on a bit in the metaphorical sense, and here I am still trying to shake it off. I have various strategies, and notes; meditations etc to help me in such times, and above all I have my family. Supportive and willing to give a little nudge in the right direction when I let things get on top of me. Hopefully my next post will be soon, and I will have done some work to combat this depression and get back to loving life again.

Posted by Alan Hopwood, 7 November 2016

Last modified by Alan Hopwood, 7 November 2016