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SickBitchCrips Appeal for SMA Sufferer and How to Become a Porn Star / 21 May 2016

A campaign called ‘Help Katherine’s wish come true’ has caught the retina of SickBitchCrips, who don’t support charity. They find it an abhorrent act of humility and patronisation. It is disgusting, belittling and demeaning.

As far as SBC are concerned, disabled people are pathetic, just like the rest of us. If they want money they should bloody well earn it and not expect people to give to them out of sympathy. SBC has some suggestions for those who want to make quick £££s:

Porn. Normal bodies can make between £350-500+ per day, depending on if you’re good or not. NB: Genetic defects – it can go either way – play on the novelty aspect and remember to always haggle for the best deal.

Escorting. Pick your targets well - the more disabled, the more they’ll pay you. Tell your client you’re disabled – this is always a turn on, especially if you have a limb or two missing.

Pimping. Find those chicks with clits and dicks and you’ll be laughing all the way to the building society.

Dominatrix services. You are in control. Use your ‘special’ callipers, spinal braces, splints, wheelchairs, commode, breathing machines, oxygen masks, trendelenberg beds, through floor lifts, spastic knives and forks as optional extras to increase your service charge.

Lastly, remember, always be innovative and introduce new toys, even if they don’t exist - make it up. For example the Fuck Stick, a handy little masturbator that goes round corners.

In the case of Katherine’s special appeal, SBC have decided that this is a worthy cause, so they BEG you from the BOTTOM of their scoliosis to spread the filth, spread the word, give generously and disingenuously to this wretched example of a sufferer. Let the genetic defect sing, watch her porn her body in her expected nauseating, gonorrhoea music video.

Sufferers like her need help to fuck off. ASAP.