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artwork for Katherine Araniello's Sick Bitch Crips

Katherine Araniello's Sick Bitch Crip's features in DAOs blog section

This section of DAO provides disabled artists and writers with a space to give our readers an inside view of their art practice, share thoughts and receive comments and feedback.

These blogs provide an informative and entertaining insight into how disability and impairment are experienced from a disability perspective.

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Artists Union of England

5 June 2016

Blog Aidan Moesby

stronger together

I have recently been elected to the Executive of the Artists Union of England.  There has never been a time more relevant for unions or when thay have been needed as much as today in the face of pernicious austerity and dogmatic cuts that benefit the rich and leave the poor to get poorer. As Disabled Artists we are doubly dammed in the current economic climate. Artists’ Union England is a new trade union for professional visual and applied artists. Unlike other cultural...

Signs: Dystopia

4 June 2016

Blog Richard Downes

Roll up Roll Up Change your disabled babies here Fucked it up the first time. Have another go. But can I say Can I ask What happens to the old one? Recalibrate We have the means We have the method You mean Intervention Experimentation? Call it as you will The less names We say the better But surely not Abortion Termination Death Camps Dignitas? No. Not those Not no longer We can fix them Put them right Make them some how useful But how Hasn't all these things been tried before And left them...

Toilets, Utopian Imaginings and finding the Potty of Gold

25 May 2016

Blog Gemma Nash

The design of toilets have been based on a historical model of the ‘ideal’ (hu)man, and continues to ignore the diversity of their users. Travelling Toilet Tales … You may have recently read about Italian creator, Maurizio Cattelan’s 18-carat solid gold toilet installation at the Guggenheim Museum, but he’s not the only artist using a toilet as an inspiration for their art. I have been commissioned to make a soundscape about toilets and utopias,...

Signs: Discrepancy

22 May 2016

Blog Richard Downes

Standing by your locked gate My inner core is iron My outer shell is tin Hit me with a hammer To let my past times in I turn to drink As I try zinc To get my red corpuscles moving For being here Beside you As left me totally still I return to the institution. It's different. Still for kids. Kids lost in activity. It feels right and pleases me as much as anything ever will. The gate is iron. Visitors press 0 for reception. Code words are not needed, no special numbers, no secret signs. Just...

SickBitchCrips Appeal for SMA Sufferer and How to Become a Porn Star

21 May 2016

Blog Katherine Araniello

Photo of Katherine with orange hair in her wheelchair in front of a brick wall

A campaign called ‘Help Katherine’s wish come true’ has caught the retina of SickBitchCrips, who don’t support charity. They find it an abhorrent act of humility and patronisation. It is disgusting, belittling and demeaning. As far as SBC are concerned, disabled people are pathetic, just like the rest of us. If they want money they should bloody well earn it and not expect people to give to them out of sympathy. SBC has some suggestions for those who want to make quick...

Own your madness and trademark it while you are at it

18 May 2016

Blog Dolly Sen

Dolly Sen's Madness

Had a good and useful time at Bobby Baker's Artist Peer Support Day yesterday, full of 'mad' artists and cakes. I was toying with giving up being a professional artist but it has invigorated my creative vision and soothed my insecurities. It showed very helpful ways to look after yourself as a mad artist, including practical stuff like reasonable adjustments. When I am asked my access requirements, I put 'people not be be wankers' but I realise I need to be more specific...

Sarah Watson reviews Thompson Hall's Home Away from Home

16 May 2016

Blog Creative Minds

Exhibition shot from 'Home Away from Home' by Thompson Hall, it depicts three paintings above an ornate fireplace. The room is otherwise bare and derelict condition with plaster marks on the walls.

The HOUSE Festival Brighton 2016 Thompson Hall - Home Away From Home A HOUSE/Outside In co-commission at The Regency Town House 13 Brunswick Square, Hove 30 April - 29 May. The venue for this exhibition was a house with beautiful architecture and structure. It really worked well feeling like you are in a house and not museum. I like the boldness of the colours in Thompson’s paintings.  Each piece of artwork he creates has different art techniques in the fine...

iF Platform, Brighton Fringe

11 May 2016

Blog Alice Holland

The iF Platform is back, this time taking on Brighton Fringe and a fresh audience of curious, critical and creative disabled artists and allies. Hosted by Stopgap Dance and the Sallis Benney Theatre on Monday May 9th 2016. Bookended by daft flatulent cabaret from Moxie Brawl and ‘The Awakening Process’ film from Stopgap, the first session was on Funding, always a tricky subject and a conversation frequently filled with high emotions, wether it be down to cuts, broader social...

Editor's Pride

11 May 2016

Blog Kuli Kohli

Last year, Blakenhall Writers Group, in Wolverhampton, was successful in gaining Arts Council England funding to produce an anthology of poetry and prose.  It was our first funding request for Blakenhall Writers and we were delighted when we were granted just over a thousand pounds. The whole process, from start to end, took about 15 months. The three writers leading the project were dedicated members and organisers of the Blakenhall Writing Group: Cherry Doyle, Roma Ante and myself. We...

Hurrah for Daisyfest 2016 in Guildford!

10 May 2016

Blog Colin Hambrook

I’m delighted and excited that Daisyfest 2016 has given DisabilityArtsOnline a slot at G Live in Guildford to showcase some of the talent DAO supports through our blogging platform. So, we’re producing an event next month called Words That Defy Normality - a smorgasbord of humorous, reflective, autobiographical poetry and performance from Penny Pepper, Allan Sutherland and Dolly Sen.  I was over the moon at the success of Penny’s campaign via Unbound to get her memoir...

Impairment Haiku

9 May 2016

Blog Richard Downes

Chest cooed like a dove A Cardio-vascular Expression of love Walking up a hill, feeling weary, I thought my chest had started up again. But no it was a dove. Or a pigeon. Probably a pigeon actually given their current predominence but I thought it was a dove. So, the words were basically there; a given. I wrote it down on an envelop somewhere. It was on the table. Then it wasn't on the table. Now its not on the table. Probably in a cupboard somewhere. The cupboard is still there. So is the...

New Score, New Head-Baton, and Ready to Make Some Noise!

3 May 2016

Blog James Rose

This is my last blog article before the conducting development week at The Royal Academy of Music and things are hotting up. The score is ready and we now have a brand new version of the head baton. It has been interesting preparing the parts for the four instruments all be it challenging at times when my computer decided to freeze before saving the work I'd done! One of the many tasks I completed this weekend was to tidy up the layout for each of the parts, minimising the clutter of...