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Office of Disability Issues 'Strengthening DPULOs Programme'

After a successful application to an ODI initiative to strengthen Disabled Peoples User-led Organisations, DAO employed two disabled people to train and work with us on a freelance contract working 2 days per month for seven months, throughout the Cultural Olympiad 2012.

This offered an ideal vocational situation for disabled people as freelance work allows for flexibility relating to access and impairment, such as working from home and having flexible hours.

DAOs brief was to offer an opportunity to learn skills in online publishing, content management, use of social media and sub-editing copy for online consumption and to use the funding to increase the number of disabled people on DAOs Board of Trustees leading to the registering of DAO as charity.

Click on this link to read a report on the success of this award and its benefits to the two disabled people we employed from Summer 2012 to Spring 2013